Brand relaunch

Welcome to the new web site & brand direction for Pixel Story! It's been quite a long process but we are finally ready to share it all with the world. We started with a refresh on our logo that better fits with our core messaging (our previous logo put all the emphasis on the word "Pixel" when really the phrase together is what we are all about, the "Story" that goes along with the pixels).

The next step was to do a ground up rework of our web site. A new cleaner design that focuses on making our work stand out and so that potential clients can easily understand who we are and how we work. We then enlisted the help of our friend Seth @ JetScream to polish all of our copy for us. We also added an honest to goodness blog where we will be able to keep everyone up to date.

And finally we revamped all of our galleries and changed the format of them. We now have three main featured weddings that give a more detailed look at our wedding coverage. The Favorites gallery shows our favorites images from over the years while the Wedding Details galleries show more specific images.

We hope our new site & branding will better portray what we (and our work) are all about.

Carolyn & Jared - Vernon Wedding

It was just a great day up at the new Sparkling Hill Resort for Jared + Carolyn's wedding this past weekend. Even with the fresh haze from a forest fire dimming the sky, nothing could put a damper on the joy and spark of this wedding!

Sparkling Hill Resort

Here is the hottest new location to get married (and have your reception) in the Okanagan: Sparkling Hill Resort.

Micah was kind enough to give us a tour of the facilities a few weeks ago. The uniqueness and attention to detail was very impressive! Loved how they incorporated Swarovski crystals into literally EVERYTHING, even down to the bathroom signs!

The resort also includes a full wellness spa and is adjacent to Predator Ridge so if you and/or your fiance love golf, you will be in for a treat.

We are very excited to photograph Jared & Carolyn's wedding this summer at Sparkling Hill Resort.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect up at Sparkling Hill, but it has to be experienced in person to get the full effect!

Julia & Gaetano - Kamloops Wedding

We photographed a wedding in Kamloops yesterday and it was spectacularly hot out, especially for a wedding inside a church with no air conditioning or even windows that opened! During the formals dark clouds started to roll in with dramatic bolts of sunlight striking down, making the grass fields just positively glow with a bright warm light.