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Our style: Editorial Wedding Photography

Defining your photography style in words can be a tricky business. So often the words we choose can pigeonhole us in the minds of our potential clients.

Is it Photojournalism?

In the past we have referred our style as photo-journalistic, which is only partially true. Pure photojournalism has absolutely no interaction between the photographer and their subjects, nothing should be posed or scripted, and detail shots should be minimal (according to the Wedding Photojournalist Association). This causes a few problems for us:

  1. We adore artistic couple portraits that capture your joy and beauty.
  2. We will provide direction when needed (not during the ceremony of course) to enhance the aesthetics of an image or to capture a specific element of the story of your day.
  3. And we absolutely LOVE all the details shots that make your wedding special and unique!

Is it Traditional?

No, traditional is not really our thing. The Traditional approach is having the majority of the photography is specifically posed portraiture (or “classically posed images” according to Wikipedia). Everyone has probably experienced this before: everyone standing in a line with their bodies tilted towards the center of the frame and told to “smiiilllllle”. While it is true we do this for the family portraits, it is quite a small portion of our coverage. Our goal is to have these complete in 15 minutes flat. And trust us, if you don’t want traditional family portraits we are more than happy to oblige!

So what do we mean by editorial wedding photography?

What is editorial wedding photography? It is a blend of photojournalism and portrait photography that focuses on telling the story of your wedding day. We want to showcase what makes your day special to you, whether it is a more traditional wedding or is totally off-the-wall; we are always up to the challenge. It includes candids of all the in-between moments, posed portraiture of the wedding couple and bridal party, traditional family portraits (it’s all Grandma really wants!), and of course the detail shots. Our ultimate goal is to create artistic & timeless images, capturing the full story of one of the most meaningful days of your life.

What’s with all these words? Show me your photos already!

Honestly you don’t need to know all these terms to know if our style does it for you or not. The best way is to see for yourself, so head over to our Kelowna photographers wedding portfolio to view our work.

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