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Groom's Tie & Vest Detail - Kelowna Wedding Photography

Detail of the grooms' vest, tie and shirt

Detail shots like this one are a photographer's way to "stop and smell the roses" as it were. We love to record all the little details that the couple has spent in most cases the past year focusing on, so we like to focus our lenses on them as well.

After photographing the family & wedding party portions of the day outside of Benvoulin Heritage Church where the wedding ceremony had taken place, we spend some time with the bride and groom before heading off to the reception. As we like to do we each spend some alone time with the bride and groom and record their wedding outfit details. This can range from jewelry, to wedding attire, to something borrowed, or something blue (aka the "de facto" wedding attire traditions list), shoes, and of course ties & vests.

Though the wedding dress always takes the show, we like to give a little attention to the groom's suit, tie, vest, cuff links, watch, ect...