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Outdoor Ceremony Walk Down the Aisle - Wedding at Summerhill Winery

Bride walking down the isle at Summerhill Pyramid Winery

The aisle for outdoor ceremonies can be quite a bit longer and more difficult to navigate than one that you would encounter in say a church (a large cathedral in a bigger city might be a different story of course!). But here is the good news, everyone will be happy to wait!

Like in this image of a bride walking down the start of the aisle at Summerhill Pyramid Winery. We can't even see the main ceremony site yet, but on the plus side it heightens the intrigue as the groom and wedding guests only get to capture brief glimpses as the bride makes her way down. After turning the corner there is still a short stone walkway to some stairs and then another stone walkway to the ceremony.  The other big plus to longer aisles is it gives us, as the photographers, more time to capture the building emotions of the couple and a bigger variety of images.

Radiant Bride in the Shade - Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Glowing bride after her wedding ceremony at Summerhill Pyramid Winery

After a scorching hot, amazingly beautiful ceremony, everyone needed a rest in the shade. So we headed down from the ceremony location to the shade of the heritage farm building at Summerhill Pyramid Winery. We took this opportunity to capture some candids of the wedding party and some casual portraits of the radiant bride relaxing on an adirondack chair. It was the perfect setting to cool down, enjoy a drink, and capture the pure joy that the bride was radiating.

As you may have noticed going through our site we are big fans of black and white photography. This is where we both fell in love with photography, working in the darkroom developing our own black and white film and prints. While we shoot entirely in digital now-a-days, we are always drawn back to creating stunning black and white imagery.

Wedding party in front of Summerhill Winery's pyramid

As Kelowna wedding photographers we are truly lucky to be working in the beautiful Okanagan valley. There is a wide range of unique locations that allow us to capture weddings in a variety of environments. Like this wonderful pyramid located at Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna. This entire wedding and reception took place at Summerhill, which is great because of the varied locations Summerhill has available on the property.

For the end of the wedding party portraits we headed up to the pyramid to get this stunning shot. While it was super hot this day, the couple and wedding party were troopers and we got through it quickly.

This image also shows how we like to handle large group shots that are a bit more interesting than just a single line of people. We prefer to break them up into smaller groups and spread them out throughout our frame, and the pyramid frames them in quite nicely. After we were done we sent the wedding party away and moved the couple into the shade of the pyramid and continued on with the wedding couple portraits.

Pixel Story’s New Website & Brand - Kelowna Wedding Photographers

Our new site that has been in the works for the past couple months is now live! We are very excited to present a fully updated portfolio of our work, in a much more accessible format that puts our photography front and center.

For launch we are showcasing two full wedding stories: Andrew & Amelia’s Quail’s Gate Winery wedding and Megan & Mike’s Summerhill Winery wedding. Each of these wedding collections are the actual images used in their storybook albums.

Along with the new site we have also developed a new brand mark. In the last 10 years much has changed, both in our personal lives and the industry overall and we felt it was time for a significant change in our branding. We are excited to see where the next 10 years takes us!